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makeout time.
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Owner and Maintainer: luckymee

Rules of the Community:

1.) You must be 16 to join. Membership is moderated. If you do not have your birthday (mm/dd/yyyy) posted in your info, you will NOT be allowed to join. The Maintainer has the right to reject anyone for any reason, this includes but is not limited to: brand new journals with no posts, inactive journals, creepy profiles.
2.) Any more than one picture must go behind an LJ cut
3.) All entries will be moderated by luckymee. No community promoting.
4.) No nudity. Whatsoever. If you post nudity you will be banned. (Nudity includes full exposure of genitalia or breasts)
5.) If your post is not pictures of girls kissing, then it is an introductory post and you are allowed ONE picture. Any intro post with more than one picture of YOU will be deleted and you will be warned.
6.) Other than the above, all pictures posted must be of two girls (whether biological or self-identifying) kissing.
7.) THIS IS NOT A RATING COMMUNITY! SO BE NICE! If someone posts a picture that you don't think is "hot" or whatever, do what mother says: "If you can't say something nice, don't say it at all"
8.) Negative comments will result in a warning.
9.) Three warnings and you're banned.

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